Because the repair and construction activities in the industrial fields usually being affected by a tight time frames , KIMALLOY providing material supply 24 hours a day 7 days a week, our clients just call their KIMALLOY contact then our logistic guys move immediately to mobilize the required  material to be available in site in the possible shortest time.

 KIMALLOY considering itself as a responsible part with the clients in their projects, planned shutdowns ,emergency cases and even non planned shutdowns.

KIMALLOY have a highly experienced applicators worldwide whom are familiar with industrial, offshore and onshore sites.

KIMALLOY have the ability to sign a long term repair/maintenance/emergency agreements  as we can provide experts and applicators to join the site full or part time according to client requirements.

As well as we have a wide knowledge of the market and great business relations with the most services companies and workshops those may support our clients in emergency or critical cases integrally with our application service.

In cases when our clients have their application crew ,KIMALLOY can provide only technical supervision in the critical applications to help, advise and supervise the application to ensure that all steps are fitted with the application requirements and done according to the related codes and standards.

KIMALLOY supervisors always join the site with the required and possible tools and devices for testing and inspecting all the steps before, during and after the application to be sure from each step as well as record all results and measurements in the QC sheet and give a copy  to the client to confirm and archive.

KIMALLOY provides a proper training regimes that helps our clients to form application crew capable of executing various and specific applications in repair/maintenance plans which serve the client to save both of cost and time in his industrial process.

Usually the training course consists of :

  • General introduction of composite materials.
  • General identification of KIMALLOY products range.
  • Advanced description of the products related to the client cases.
  • Theoretical explanation of specific product .
  • HSE instructions and cautions for the products handling, storage and applications.
  • Practical training on the products.

As well KIMALLOY provide applicator certificate especially in ECR system activities that required in oil & gas sites.

In order to increase satisfaction of our customers , KIMALLOY production and laboratory departments are capable of customizing a special material that might be required for special case at our customer site even if it will be produced by KIMALLOY for one time only.

As well as we have all capabilities and proper techniques and devices of reverse engineering science to customize and fabricate metallic /non metallic mechanical parts, molded /casted parts , rubber parts , rubber recoating ,and composite molds in a short time to serve the industry of our customers and keeping their process operates in the steady state.

Discover how KIMALLOY helps customers successfully in studying many cases related to material sciences in order to provide innovative solutions  to meet the customer requirements.

 our R&D team has highly skilled and experienced resources to provide solutions in various fields like cement industry, oil and gas, steel industry ,aerospace, marine fields, and energy sectors w.r.t related codes, standards and best practice in the industrial fields.

Our team has an advanced set of tools in the industry to assess potential compromises for both metallic and nonmetallic assets.

KIMALLOY have a qualified inspection team to produce actionable insights that operators can rely on to make the best integrity management decisions.

 we are presenting various activities for asset integrity assessment like NDT, FEA, FFP, dent assessment, feature growth assessment, and immediate integrity assessment in order to produce a specific integrity report with a possible recommendations to be helpful enough to our customers to take optimum decisions.

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