KIM-242 SC

protective putty

A solvent free polymeric two-part paste , with a very high abrasion resistance

Key features :

  • Excellent adhesion properties to metal surfaces .

* Excellent resistance to impact and abrasion.

  • long working life.
  • High temperature resistance up to (130°C /wet and 170° C /dry contact) .
  • fast cure to ensure prompt return to service.
  • high mechanical strength
  • good chemical resistance.


Repairing metals that exposed to aggressive abrasion effect:

  • bonding and grouting tiles and wear plates.
  • Repair of screw and ball mills shell.
  • Many repairs in cement and steel industries.
  • internal lining of hoppers, chutes, blades, and any equipment expose to abrasion.
  • internal repair of pipe work and spools subject to abrasive flow.

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