KIM-222 RC

Rapid curing ceramic putty

A solvent free polymeric two-part paste , has a fast curing property.

Key features :

  • Excellent adhesion properties to metal surfaces including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum .

* Can be cured within 30 sec to 5 minutes only at ambient temperature.

  • High resistance of rotating wear and abrasion .
  • High temperature resistance up to (120°C /wet and 160° C /dry contact) .
  • high workability feature.
  • Supplied in pre-ratio measured containers, and easy to mix and apply .
  • No shrinkage, expansion or distortion.
  • good chemical resistance.


Repairing metals in a very short time ,emergency cases, shutdowns in a tight time:

  • Rebuilding and Restoring metal loss.

* Install patches on pin holes and cracks.

  • plugging pin holes and cracks.
  • corroded tanks.

*restoring corroded flanges.

  • restoring pump casing and impellers.

*filling corroded bundle tubes face of heat exchangers.

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