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Who we are

Since 2006 ,KIMALLOY products giving an effective solution for thousands of repair and metal protection cases ,getting a thankful feedback from our clients, as well as our product development  team has the knowledge abilities to customize a specific product  for an unusual case even if this product will be used for one time only.

KIMALLOY application crew and our partnered repair centers have a combination of experiences & skills that allowing them to repair critical defects in the possible time with a high performance, as well to give technical training, supervise the application, advice ,and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

what makes us special

R & D

Substantially, KIMALLOY successful products based on it’s research and product development team, whose are working usually with advanced concepts of science and applicable basis of engineering in order to innovate new materials with enhanced and modified properties to withstand the variant process conditions in many industrial fields.

Experience and Engineering

Our experts, engineers and technicians are considered to be the strong arm of KIMALLOY ,they are not only responsible of system designs, normal applications and managing projects but also, they know how to link the experimental results to the site with a view to customize a bespoke engineered solutions for several problems in industrial fields.


All individuals in KIMALLOY staff believe in doing their best all the time is the only way to keep our business highly reliable ,believable and plausible with all our clients and partners in the market , to prove everyday that we deserve the confidence of other related parties.

industries and applications

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